The Bothy

We Offer privacy and exclusivity at “The Bothy”.  Independent and away from the main house. There is a breakfast area with facilities to make toast, coffee and tea. We do not provide cooking facility in this house. The bedroom has only 3 walls, with the forth side open to take in the view of the sunrise. But in case its bit bright, we do have chick blinds to bring down to provide a shadow effect. The bathroom is semi open air, with hot and cold water. There is also an outdoor dining area if you like to have your breakfast in the garden. The compound of the house is fenced and we have chicken running around to gives a village effect.

The external view of The Bothy. Surrounded by jungle facing the forest reserve. A very private getaway.

Small breakfast area just outside The Bothy. Enjoy hot nasi lemak brought to you daily from the village.

A romantic ambiance in the bedroom. Wake up to the lovely sunrise.

The plan layout.

Bothy Crop

There are plenty of other areas that guest can use around the garden to relax and enjoy the environment.